Why choose Morton Bay Kiting Lessons?

Why Us?

a) Kiteboarding Australia  (KA). We trained with IKO and instructed under that banner for many years.  From 2017 we've been working under KA accredication and with KA insurance.

b)  Gear specifically chosen for teaching. I have selected the best possible equipment to use for teaching. I am not constrained by having to use equipment that I wish/need to sell. The Lightwave carbon 165 Wing, for example, is a far better board to learn on than anything else you will use (but it won't be your choice of board for when you are successfully up and riding).

c) Maturity. OK, it's true, I'm older (I prefer "more mature") than most kite teachers. Although this means that I'll probably dislocate my shoulders if I try unhooked tricks, my relatively advanced years have been actively employed in a wide array of activities including much teaching and coaching sports. And perhaps with maturity comes a degree of caution that it is wise for kiters to have emphasised.

d) Flexibility.  We can teach anywhere that is suitable in Moreton Bay and have flexibility with timing of lessons. Mid week is often best to avoid the crowds.

e) Only experienced instructors who stick with you.  You know that you will be taught by me or my daughter and that, as proprietors, we will take a direct interest in your learning.  Some students come to us from other schools having had different instructors, with no knowledge of previous progress, in each of 4 consecutive lessons!  And these instructors may well be very good young kiters...with no real interest in instructing!  We're experienced instructors who enjoy instructing and will stick with you through your full path to becoming a competent independent kiteboarder.

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