2 kites on KitetiK

Any kiter would know that the potential carnage that could arise were one to fly two kites off one boat is significant.  I tried it once, several years ago, with relatively little planning.  Carnage ensued.  There was a little more planning, better briefing of pilots (still very little), a more suitable platform and perfect conditions yesterday.  The result:- pleasingly, no carnage.  

Having set up KitetiK, but not the kites, we'd waited an hour or so hoping for sufficient wind.  Having abandoned the plan with crew packing up to leave, Elissa, having been nearer the water and not in the mangrove/point wind shadow, encouraged us to reconsider....there was then a solid 10 knots varying up to 12.  That's plenty - dare I say ideal for a first test.  So off we went.  

The objective was a very simple one - to prove that, with appropriate control, KitetiK could be sailed with 2 kites.  Launching and recovery of kites was from the shallows with crew controlling the kites in the water - so this exercise didn't address the challenges of launching 2 kites (or even one) in more realistic circumstances.  But the main objective, 2 kites towing KitetiK, was a great success.  Some very deft piloting by Elissa was necessary in lulls when we were running reasonably deep and she had the forward/lower kite.  An autopilot would need to be VERY good to keep a kite in the air in such circumstances .  But when the breeze was reasonable, the pilots reported that it was all pretty easy.

Thanks very much to Dave who piloted the 25m Armorkite, Elissa with the 17.5m ASV & Alec for managing activity in the cockpit.  A very successful and pleasant outing.  (Alternative video link: 2 kites on KitetiK)  


Garmin track: 2 kites on KitetiK .