Independent, safe, efficient instruction that will have you kiting as quickly and safely as possible.

Moreton Bay Kiting* (MBK) is a small, professional & independent kiteboard business. The only instructors are the director, (me) Trevor Jack and my daughter, Elissa. We both have a passion for kiting and love teaching.

Kiting in Moreton Bay is truly one of life's joys. Having enjoyed it so much we love to share the pleasure and excitement with others who wish to learn. Perhaps more importantly we want to help newcomers to the sport learn safely and with appropriate etiquette. It is important that the general public continue to enjoy watching what can be a beautiful and exciting spectacle in complete safety and that kiters continue to share Moreton Bay with other users generously & safely.

Dig around this site if you're interested in learning to kiteboard in Moreton Bay. If you have any questions or need advice on anything please contact me via phone or email. I have no shopfront. I'm available for an introductory chat most of the time my phone is turned on.....but let's say from 7am until 9pm to be reasonable. If the phone is off I'm probably on the water having a blast or helping someone else learn how to do so.

Good winds,

Trevor Jack,


*Moreton Bay Kiting is a registered business name of Jack Actuarial Consulting Pty Ltd (ACN: 115355498)

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