Foiling kite cat update

Hi All,

  • 2 outings, with some aborts as well!, since last report
  • 14m LEI with PG off Sandgate in about 15knots on Anzac Day long weekend and 12m Peter Lynn ram air bridled foil race kite (early Aero prototype) with AW off Humpybong last weekend
  • Plenty of good flying - still slight, but much less, asymmetry in hull height after having checked trim to find that daggerboards have been the same and rudders, having been slightly different, are now also similarly trimmed. (Rudder differences should not have led to hulls flying at different heights).
  • Best speeds seem to be at about 10 degrees above beam reach
  • Looping downwind 
    • Looped the LEI several times to get back downwind... after thinking carefully about that strategy.  Only one significantly higher than expected period on the foils ...  
    • With the race kite, we broached on the 2nd loop and we both ended up on the leeward hull, AW nearly going for a swim (he took me out on the way overboard last time that happened!).  As I looked up, with some apprehension, at the windward hull (and I do mean looked UP), I was very pleased that the kite tow point was on the leeward gunwale, quite close to the water....with no weight to windward and going quite fast, the foil in that hull of course lifted the hull quite high...but I don't think it came out of the water.  Could have ended badly.
  • Improved technique for installing and removing foils for beach launch
  • AW had a go piloting the kite ...and promptly tried some origami with it that could have left us with a few km of paddling to get home....but it got sorted.
  • Overall
    • We need to sail better (looping with appropriate steering to follow the kite) to get best VMG downwind
    • Reaching and beating is very stable and safe
    • The helm is very well balanced - the kite pilot moving fore or aft slightly is enough to balance any minor helm load (through the rear line loads) 
    • Foil installation and recovery is now relatively smooth and can be done off the beach.
    • The 2 stroke outboard...don't even ask!
    • Still very keen to see what the 16SS will be able to do....but the right wind has been elusive.