SS PG test launch

KitetiK needs at least 25sqm of fabric, preferably more like 35sqm, on reasonable length lines in order to perform satisfactorily (which definition I'll leave for another time).  I hope to have her doing that this summer.  I'm developing a few options.  But one that may meet the budget, performance and handling constraints is a paraglider with the lower skin removed.  Although I'll consider unmodified gliders, I'm not keen.  A single skin version will facilitate launching and recovery, particularly if it goes in the water.  

The launch below shows that 28sqm of kite can generate a bit of power, at least on take off.  In a few other tests, in typically order 5-8knots of breeze, I've broken the 3mm spectra that has been anchoring it or dragged a 200l drum full of water around tidal sand flats.  In this case, in about 5-7knots, the 3 wraps around a wooden post pulled themselves off the top - surprising, but no damage. 

The next video may seem boringly long - it is, for most of stop after a few seconds.  The full length is, however, there so that it can be analysed by a few fellow voyagers with more knowledge of aerodynamics than me.  To those of you in that category, please feel free to suggest improvements/modifications.  

My removal of the lower skin has been, at least to this stage, a minimal modification - I accept that removing one of only 2 skins that such a wing starts with is fairly major.  But it's minimal in the sense that I've left some bits on which may yet be removed.

You may observe a few stray lines hanging under the glider.  These are launching lines that will (I hope) enable stable launching from more like 2.5m bridle line lengths - which is short enough to fit on KitetiK's trampoline.  Although they were tested today, they didn't work as they provide no hook in the trailing edge.  I'll need to add another set of bridle lines to have any chance of that working.  But it shows promise.

Thans very much to GS and MH for assistance today.  Always much appreciated.