KitetiK with 25m LEI

Last summer I enjoyed sailing with Maxime and Thibault on their Armorkite ( in Brittany.  And they were mighty helpful in getting our Nacra setup there (thanks again guys).  I bought one of their used 25sqm LEI kites.  The first time we tried to fly it on KitetiK was not a great success....the LE had been repaired and the bridles put on backwards...not at all pretty.  The second time was better but still not great.  Following some advice from David Aberdeen (Surfplan), I removed the bridle pulleys, made some adjustments to the front lines and pumped it harder (still only about 6psi) a few days ago - it flew quite nicely.  We had 12-15knots of breeze, high tide, hot sunny weather (38C in Brisbane that day) and the glorious sailing conditions of southern Moreton Bay.  A new bridle arrangement for the main tow point at the boat worked very well, steering was well balanced and it was generally very pleasant.  Angles and speed were acceptable if not great - 25sqm of sail area (about 20sqm projected) is quite a bit less than will be required for reasonable performance.  So, I'm working on ways to get more fabric in the air, some more serious than others.  For a bit of a giggle, I'm tempted to try 2 LEIs at the same time, perhaps the 25m and a 17m.  We'd need 4 crew for that, all kiters.  Let me know if you're keen to give it a go. 

Couple of short clips below.