Flying Nacra may have done 20 knots

Morning all,

The Nacra was flying between Manly and Green Island on Saturday afternoon.  18m Flysurfer Sonic 2 on ~12m lines (with 4m bridles).  Short lines is the go with racing these days - but longer lines would have been nicer for the Nacra - would have been easier to get up to foiling speed.  But we did plenty of foiling nevertheless.
Unfortunately your clearly technically challenged correspondent was in charge of video and track logging....the result being that there is no video and only about 1/4 of the track was logged!  The log we did get shows a top speed of 19.3knots.  Although I suspect we had extended flights at more than 20knots, without corroborating data, that's a bit like giving you the length of the fish that got away.  (On the subject of which, I'm quite sure that the dugong that surfaced about 20m to lee when we were flying fast was over 2m long ...that could have ended badly.)
A few of the fleet racing control/committee boats followed us for a while (I think they were a bit surprised to see us fly by) and were taking video - so we may yet get some footage. Seabreeze shows average wind speeds around 12-13knots with highest gust 17knots.
I'll be sailing the Nacra frequently over the summer, more likely on weekends from Humpybong.  Let me know if you're generally interested.  But I will be focusing on quite a few developments with the proa, KitetiK, which is now on a mooring at Victoria Pt.
All the best.