Kite surfing lessons


Yes, you do need lessons!

But, why would you believe me? After all, it's in my commercial interest for you to have lessons. If you don't think you need lessons have a look at, look at the links section of this web site or ask any kiter at any beach where you think you might go kiting. If you decide you don't need lessons, then please don't kill yourself, any of my kiting friends or an innocent bystander at any of my favourite kite spots.... such action is likely to get the sport banned!

Lesson Structure

Moreton Bay Kiting lessons follow the Kiteboarding Australia curriculum. Within this, each lesson program is tailored to each individual student through discussions before any lessons. If you are not a novice, your competence in appropriate parts of the curriculum will first be assessed and we will cover only areas in which you are not competent. For students prepared to do some reading and review of online videos, the theory component of lessons can be reduced and lessons can be devoted more to acquisition of practical skills. Moreover, some pre lesson study will facilitate acquisition of practical skills.

See below examples of the lesson structures that can be followed within this curriculum and don't forget about practice!

Lesson Options

1. Just Teach Me

10-20 hours teaching: $800 - $1,600

In this program the student does no study or practice outside of lessons. Accordingly, lessons cover all theory and every aspect of each practical component is fully explained and implemented.

A student taking this program should expect to require between 8 and 16 hours of one on one tuition.

This program is for those who don't want to do any self directed learning and whose budget is not as constrained as mine....


2. Some self study/practice with a fair bit of help

6 hours teaching: ~$600

Commence by getting a trainer kite and manual. Have a short free lesson on setting up and flying the trainer kite.

Fly the trainer kite for several hours over a few days and watch the nominated online videos. You will have documetation covering what you should achieve with the trainer kite and how to do that.

When you are very proficient with a trainer kite, it is time to have a lesson with a power kite. In the first 2 hour lesson you will rig and fly a small power kite and learn safety systems and procedures and body dragging skills.

The second 2 hour lesson reinforces safety issues, covers further body dragging (including upwind) then introduces a board. Students adopting this learning strategy should get gear after the 2nd lesson so that they can practise before the 3rd lesson.

In lesson 3 all emphasis will be on riding. Flying the kite will be automatic. Be able to ride upwind by the end of the lesson.


3. Active self learning

4 hours teaching: ~$400

Similar to approach (2) but with 2 x 2 hour lessons rather than 3 x 2 hour lessons. The student would acquire a power kite (and harness, PFD, helmet, booties etc) after the first lesson and practice with that before the second lesson. She/he would also require more independent practice after the second lesson before being able to go upwind.

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